Scaravelli-inspired Yoga classes with Tony Parsons


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-    Gain core strength with flexibility

-    Restore health, energy & vitality

Tony teaches Yoga in the tension-free style* inspired by Vanda Scaravelli,
using gravity and the breath to rediscover and rejuvenate your back and joints.
Private lessons always available throughout Surrey. Occasional retreats in Andalucia.


Phone: 07717 945791    e-mail:

*"About this yoga . . .The emphasis is not on achieving postures but using them to undo tension
and find integration. The practice is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between the parts
of the body and between our movements and the breath, the ground and the space around us.
Gradually a new network of muscles is brought into use. Then our movements come from the
spine and bring us back to the spine and the whole body pulls together. We train our attention
so that we can feel more, impose less, and allow the intelligence of the body to reveal itself." sophy hoare

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DIY Yoga... a gift from Vanda Scaravelli

A course of five classes this new year with Tony Parsons, aimed at encouraging self-practice.

Dates to be announced 

Each week we will focus on a combination of positions or movements and our bodies' reactions and changes.

Price... £50 (or £13.50 per individual session)


Find Tony's recordings on Insight Timer and at Avani Yoga

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Norman Doidge: The Brain's Way of Healing
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There is always the possibility of purchasing pre-recordings of each session, in DVD or mp3 format

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